Wood burning fireplace – a good heat

Wood burning fireplace - is part of the world where there is no noise. Buy it are not the ones who want to save or create with fireplace highly efficient heating (efficiency wood fire with an open combustion chamber is not more than 20%). Do not install it in a city apartment. Buy it for the pleasure and is most often used as an additional source of heat in a country house. To enjoy a beautiful open fire, the sound of crackling wood logs and specific smell. Wood majestic fireplace symbolize comfort and reliability.

majestic fireplace

Modern majestic fireplace run on different fuels:

liquid fuels;
solid fuels (coal, wood).

Wood-burning fireplaces are open or closed, when the opening is closed Furnace heat resistant glass. Closed furnace increases efficiency and makes it fire safe. Often, wood burning fireplace requires no special foundation. After all, even now popular furnace stoves are mostly wood-.

So the company CHEMINEES PHILIPPE already over 30 thousand with some invites to enjoy the contemplation of burning wood in stoves ALBINEN. Fireplace in the castle style COURTIENNE will cost more expensive. Four sides you can look at the majestic fireplace flames ultra MONESTIER, a central location and a closed furnace.

majestic fireplace

Style and sophistication give room accessories needed to use a wood majestic fireplace. It - stack of firewood, poker, Savoca and others, which in addition to its functional load becomes the subject of interior design.

The use of wood as fuel will allow the owner of the fireplace to create a flame of their choice. For example, a blue flame give aspen wood, and birch will quickly warm up, as they have a high emissivity. But the pine wood is not recommended, as they emit when burning a large amount of soot.

Finally it should be noted that the use of a wood fire requires attention and care - burning wood is accompanied by sparks, which can be dangerous. You also need to monitor the condition of the chimney, as when burning wood releases substances that can clog it.

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