Natural stone, wood, metal

Natural stone, wood, metal, various types of bricks can all be used as the basis for the design of cladding any fire, including electric fireplaces. Trim can choose the finished catalog, add to or alter based on finished or made entirely from sketches designer with only one restriction - the chosen material should be available from the manufacturer. Forgot about important: for some rest and fire are inextricably linked with gas fireplace inserts nature and food intake.

gas fireplace inserts

Special type fireplaces, often called in Russia imported gas fireplace inserts the word "barbecue", intended for the preparation of various dishes of meat, fish and vegetables on these wood coals. All can be cooked in a modern oven, but delicious grilled, and appetite in the fresh air does not compare to flats.

Initially, 90's came on the market under the brand name kitchen sets CUISINES PHILIPPE. In the assortment of features more than 100 models of different styles (modern, classic, country) of oak, beech, ash, wild cherry, and the different colors of metal and plastic. The main difference from other kitchen sets available on the Russian market - is the widespread use of natural stone, which makes it unique in its kind, highlights gas fireplace inserts their personality.

gas fireplace inserts

Unfortunately, this publication could not gas fireplace inserts reflect the diversity of styles and production French company CHEMINEES PHILIPPE. But if you need more stuff prsdstavlenny in this article and you look a little longer detained in these pages, the official representative of the company CHEMINEES PHILIPPE invites you to plunge into the world of French charm, visit his salon.

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