Fireplace Mantels

Fireplace mantels bestow uniqueness and ads on exquisiteness to one’s fireplace. With the history of being used since past 6 odd centuries, certain designs of mantelpiece are crafted even today. Fire place mantels provide one’s house with a beautified decorative piece that lasts for generations. These are not just a decorative piece above the hearth but ads elegance to one’s house. Not just a piece of wood mounted above the floor but a fire place mantel is more of a place above which people place the photos and frames of their near and dear ones and keep their most prized possessions.

Fireplace Mantels


History of Fireplace Mantels
The mantels were first known to be consisting of a hood that was projected over a grate to suck in and release out all the smoke. Also known as mantelpiece, the role of chimney actually started after the twelfth century when people started to place fireplaces on the wall. This innovation was liked by plenty as it also gave the room a royal look. The focus, then, was more used to be incorporating chimneypieces to vent off the smoke. The initial history of carved fireplace was a work based on the western art. Evidences and depictions of the European sculpture could be easily seen in every carved mantelpiece.

Before the twentieth century, chimney just consisted of burning of timber and wood to provide warmth to the members living in the house. Unlike previous times, the advent of the latest technology has resulted in mechanized heating systems. Today’s mantelpiece have become more of a decorative piece and a status symbol as well placed by people in the rooms to give their house an elegant look. The latest and modern mantels fireplace not only enhance the grandeur of the room space but are a great heating source for the house. One can find fireplace mantelpiece of varied quality, pricing and style in the market. The designs of earlier periods or cultures could also be seen in certain homes; design of old period complemented by the technology of today. Today’s hearth are said to be more of the artistic depictions and have some-what lost their initial practical significance.

Fireplace Mantels


Fireplace Mantel Shelf

Usually, a fireplace mantelpiece shelf consists of a 12-inch deep top along with the molding affixed. Crown molding is the most used and for mantels with a rusty look, layers of wood are added to give the mantel a classy look. Corbels are added beneath the surface that performs the functions of both, brackets and adornments. Placed just behind the corbels is a vertical skirt that gives the fire place mantelpiece shelf a thicker look. The more the crown mold is cut in between the corbels, the more is the ornamentation added to the shelf. One can find numerous designs and style of a fireplace mantel shelf in the market and choose as per their budget.

Factors That Cannot Be Ignored
A fireplace of mantel holds quite a lot of importance in depicting the beauty of a house and is usually placed at the prime position of the same. That is the very reason why the design of the fireplace of mantel needs to be chosen with utmost care and carefully. Furthermore, it shall be placed at a spacious place so that when one places their prized possessions over it, the same does not look messy. It is, therefore, advisable to take the measurements of the hearth where it is to be placed and the facing of the mantel. With these basic specifications in hand, one gets to choose the exact sized fire place of mantelpiece to suit their room.

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